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Meanders…read more

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Meanders are sinuous bends in a river
that form due to the greater volume
of water carried by the river in
lowland areas which results in lateral
(sideways) erosion being more
dominant than vertical erosion,
causing the channel to cut into its
banks forming meanders.…read more

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Water in a m
eander does
As the water enters not all trave
l at the same
the meander it is speed. The f
astest and
most power
faster on its outside ful water
travels arou
edge because it is nd the
outside of th
deeper so there is e bend.
less friction.
On the inside bend
of the meander it is
shallower as more
friction from the
river bed and
bedload act upon
the water, slowing it
down.…read more

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Task: Draw a river like the one below in your books
Using a different colour, mark on your river the route of the fastest water…read more

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Now using different colours, add to your diagram where
deposition and erosion are taking place…read more

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