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Matters of Life and Death

Why Christians believe in Life after Death and how beliefs about life after death affect their lives.

-All Christians believe that there is a life after death. The resurrection of Jesus proves that there is
life after death.

-Some Christians believe that when you die…

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Mediums: they contact the dead, to pass messages onto loved ones so there must be a life after
Why some people do not believe in life after death
-Near death experiences can be analysed to be hallucinations, and accounts of bright lights/tunnels =
body closing down or effect of…

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Passive E: decision made to stop treatment, knowing this will result in death e.g. turning off a life
For Euthanasia Against Euthanasia
-no quality of life when in great pain, so should -God gives life, therefore only he should take it
have the choice of ending it in a…

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E.G. girl had permanent brain damage after heart attack ­ legal battle between husband (wanted to
disconnect feeding tube) and parents (believed in sanctity of life). CNN favoured the family and
portrayed husband negatively. The Catholic view was unexplained.


Miss KHP


Nice and simple notes on matters of life and death for the Edexcel exam board.

Covers abortion and euthanasia issues from a Islamic and Chrstian perspective.

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