Matters of life and death

This consists of key points about the views of Christians and Jews

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Life after death-Christianity and Judaism
Why Christians believe in life after death:
·Jesus was resurrected from the dead.
Therefore Christians believe they will be resurrected too, just as God rose up Jesus' body.
·The bible says that is it appointed that Christians will only die once and after that will come
Those who have made the right choices by Christ will go in to eternal life in heaven. And
those who reject Christ will be sent to eternal punishment in hell.
·The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate proof for life after death for Christians.
·Christians believe the soul is immortal (will never die); they believe when the body dies, the
soul leaves the body to live with god.
Why Jewish people believe in life after death:
·It is the teaching of the Tenakh.
Jews believe that the first five books of the Tenakh (the Torah) are a direct communication
from God which must be believed.
·It is the teaching of the Talmud
·It is one of the Thirteen Principles of Faith that are described in the Daily Prayer Book
·It gives their life meaning and purpose.
·Because of the evidence of the paranormal. Some Christians said: they saw a bright
light and/or then met Jesus

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How Christian beliefs about life after death affect the lives of Christians
1. What happens to them after they die will be determined by how they have lived this life.
·They believe they will be judged by God
·Only if they have lived a good Christian life they will go to heaven
This means Christian will try to live a good Christian life by:
·Following the teachings of the Bible and Church in order to go to heaven not hell when
they die.
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How Jewish beliefs about life after death affect the lives of Jewish people:
1. The main teaching about life after death is resurrection.
·Based on the Torah and Tenakh, the Thirteen Principles state that God will end the world
when he decides to do so. Then he will create a new world and resurrect the dead.
·God will decide what happens to people on the basis of how they have lived their lives.…read more


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