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Flash cards which help you revise for your maths exams. All formulas and quick notes needed to remember.

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4 3
3 r
r2 h 4r2
V olume of Cylinder V olume of Sphere S urface Area
of Sphere
C urved Surface C urved Surf ace of Cone
Area of Cylinder

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P ercentage Increase P ercentage Decrease rl
Increase Decrease
Original Amount ×100% Original Amount ×100%
B ox P lots
T he Median
H orizontal Axis : C lass Width
H istograms T he Upper & Lower Quartiles
V ertical Axis :
T he Max.& Min.…read more

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F ind the
E valuate P owers P ercentage of Amount
M idpoint of a Line without the
E .…read more

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Adding & Subtracting
C hange to a % M ultiplying & Dividing by
without the calculator by Negatives N egatives +
P ostitive
E .…read more


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