Maths Core 1 Helpsheet

This is a selection of easy to remember tips for the main subjects in the core 1 exam. hope it helps

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Mathematics Core 1 Help Sheet.
1. Label the points (X1, Y1), (X2, Y2)
2. Find the Gradient and call it M
M= (Y2 Y1) / (X2 X1)
3. Write down the equation using, Y Y1 = M(X X1)
4. Convert to any other forms if needed
To find the gradient of a curve at a certain point
1) Differentiate the equation of the curve
2) Work out the derivative at the point
An increasing function has a positive gradient
A decreasing function has a negative gradient
1) Find stationary points by solving
dy/dx= 0 or f''(x) =0
2) Differentiate again to decide whether it's a maximum or a minimum point
3) If d^2/dx^2 < 0 it's a maximum point
if d^2/dx^2 > 0 it's a minimum point

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