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Created by VCE student Nicholas Buttigieg for Maths Methods Unit 1/2

Here is an article for all of the functions and graphs used in Maths Methods Units 1 & 2. You
can use these as study notes if you like. To look for any diagrams on…

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· If < 0, then there are no real solutions.
· If = 0, then there is one rational solution.
· If > 0, then there are two solutions. If it results in a perfect square, there are two
rational solutions. If it is not a perfect square, there are…

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· When sketching semicircles, draw the graph of the circle. If there is a positive sign in
front of the radical, then draw the top half of the circle. If there is a negative sign,
then draw the bottom half of the circle.
· The x-intercepts can be calculated by…

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· If the value of a is greater than 1, the graph has a positive gradient. This means that
when x approaches , then y will increase exponentially. If the value of a is between
0 and 1, then this will produce a negative index. Therefore, this is the same…

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· In graphs of the form y = a sin n (x ± b) + c and y = a cos n (x ± b) + c, a horizontal
and vertical translation has occurred. The graph is moved b units to the left or right,
then moved c units up…


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