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Physics Revision.


Hooke's Law states that extension is proportional to force.
Hooke's law: Force is equal to stiffness constant (k) times the extension (e).
Hooke's law can be applied to springs and wires.
Hooke's law works just as well for compressive as tensile forces.

Hooke's law stops working when…

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Equation for elastic strain energy is: E equals half times force times extension
Although because the material is obeying Hooke's law:
E equals half times stiffness constant times' extension squared.

The Young Modulus equation is: a measure of how of how difficult it is to change the
shape of the…

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The size of the force depends on viscosity: the higher the viscosity, the larger the
viscous drag force.


The rate of flow depends on the viscosity: the higher the viscosity the slower the rate of flow.

Viscosity depends on temperature:
1. The higher the temperature the lower the viscosity.…


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