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Metal Properties Advantages Disadvantages

Mild steel Tough Easily worked on Will rust if left
Malleable Relatively cheap
Can only be
Magnetic Can be recycled case-hardened
Stainless steel Hard Easily cleaned Specialist welding
Tough Does not need any required for joining
surface finishing
Excellent corrosion
resistance Can be recycled…

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Properties of metals

Property Definition Materials Product uses
Ductility Being drawn or Mild steel Electrical cables
stretched into thinner,
smaller sections Copper

Malleability Being deformed by Mild steel Car body panels
compression without
tearing or cracking Aluminium
Hardness The ability to Stainless steel Kitchen sinks
withstand abrasive
wear and…

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Tension To withstand being Carbon steel Nails, screws, nuts and
pulled apart bolts

Compression To withstand being Mild steel Car body panels
Shear The ability of a Stainless steel Security shear nuts
material or joint to
withstand being slid or
pulled apart

Properties of thermoplastics

Polymer Properties Uses Advantages…

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Tough cable
Waterproof insulation

High-impact Tough Food Available in Expensive
polystyrene High impact appliances numerous
(HIPS) strength colours Limited flexibility
Rigid Toys
Can be Will not
Good electrical
Cutlery machined and biodegrade
DVD and CD
cases Recyclable
Acrylonitrile-buta High impact Kitchenware Available in Relatively
diene-styrene strength numerous…

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Urea Stiff Tableware Can be Toxics fumes
formaldehyde Hard Worktop coloured given off when
Brittle laminates it cures
Scratch-resistan Buttons High surface
t Electrical
Stain-resistant casing
High tensile

Properties of polymers

Property Definition Materials Product uses
Plasticity Changes shape Acrylic Moulded products e.g.
without cracking or garden chairs,…

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Reactive glass ­ Photochromic glass or smart glass

Carbon nanotubes ­ made up from carbon molecules ­ six times lighter than steel, 500 times

As flexible as plastic.
Conducts heat and electricity better than any other material discovered.
Can be made from raw materials such as methane gas.




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