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Key Skills Signpost
In this section you will be able to practise your skills at writing very large and very small numbers in
standard form.
At the same time you will be able to practise simple calculations involving the use of standard form.
Masses of Atoms and Molecules
Atoms are extremely small. They are too small to be seen, even with the most powerful
For example an iron nail contains about 2 x 1022 atoms of iron:
i.e.…read more

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How many magnesium atoms are there in 1g of magnesium?
4. How many times heavier is a magnesium atom than a carbon atom?
5. A typical drop of water has a volume of 0.06cm3 and contains about 2 x 10 21
molecules of water.
a. How many molecules would be present in 1cm3?
Answers: 1. 8.37 x 10 -24g 2. 1.20 x 10 -21g 3. 2.47 x 10 22
4. 2.04 times heavier
5a. 3.3 x 10 22 5b. 5.…read more


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