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Mass Spectrometry

Used to measure the molecular mass of a substance.

In a mass spectrometer, the sample is ionised firstly by firing high-speed electrons at it, and then
accelerated. The time taken for the sample to travel across a drift region and be picked up by a
detector is measured.…

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Infrared Spectrometry

1. A beam of Infrared radiation is fired through the substance.
2. IR energy is absorbed by bonds in molecules, increasing vibrational energy.
3. Different bonds will absorb different wavelengths. Also, the location of a bond within a
molecule will impact upon the wavelengths of IR it absorbs.…

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Thin-Layer Chromatography

Used to separate and identify molecules.

1. Stationary phase is a thin layer of silica or alumina fixed to a glass or metal plate. (Silica plate)
2. Pencil line is drawn near the bottom of the plate, and a small drop of each sub stance is
placed on…


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