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This means that they enter the third
stage with the same speed. This electric field can be altered to change the speed of the
ions. The ions then pass into a magnetic field. This deflects ions of different masses by
different amounts. The magnetic field can be adjusted so that different masses pass
through. This means that only some ions can pass through at once, and be detected.
Once detected a computer generates a graph called a mass spectrum.…read more

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The graph is m/z (mass/charge ratio) vs percentage abudance or relative intensity. The
graph here shows the spectrum of CH3CH2N(CH3)CH2CH3. The furthermost peak is
called the parent ion. This is the whole molecule and therefore has the greatest mass. All
of the other peaks are fragments. Fragments form in the ionisation stage, where the
electrons split up the molecules into smaller ions.…read more


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