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Mass Spectrometry
What is it.
Used to measure the atomic or
molecular mass of different
particles in a sample.…read more

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Ionisation stage
· Sample introduced via a sample inlet.
First ionised forming positively charged
cations. This is done by electron impact or
laser pulsing.…read more

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· Electron impact explained.
· A stream of high energy electrons froma
heated filament bombards the sample.
· This bombardment knocks electrons from
the outside of the atom producing positivly
charged ions.
· X(g) + e- X+ + 2e-…read more

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· Ions produced in the ionisation area are
separated according to their mass.
· Some methods measure the deflection
however we are not concerned with this
method.…read more

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Time of flight (TOF)
· Ions are produced as separate pulses not
· TOF identifies charged sample atoms by
measuring their flight time.…read more

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