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Soil Creep
- Involves particles of soil being lifted from
the ground and dropping back down under
the influence of gravity. Results in a slight
downslope movement.
- Very slow, slowest type of Mass
Movement, 1cm a year.
- 1) Freeze Thaw weathering. Lifts particles
at right angles and when thawed, they are
in a slightly different place to before.…read more

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- 3) Raindrop impact. Intense storms may
cause splash of soil particles.
- 4) Thermal expansion. Heating of particles
can cause them to expand. When the
temperature cools, the particle will drop
back down.
- 2) Wetting and drying. When moisture is
added to the soil, it will swell and expand.
When the substance dries, it drops back
down.…read more

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- Where a large mass of cohesive rock
moves downslope.
- Very sudden, fast movements.
- Where a cohesive mass of soil or rock
moves; slides involve a movement along a
flat surface parallel to the angle of the
slope in a step-like motion.
- Landslides can be moist, but they are not
usually saturated with water like mudflow.…read more

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Mr A Gibson

I like this resource as it is originally presented and gives the reader a clear picture (literally) and explanation of what types of mass movement.

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