Mass movement case study: Afghanistan may 2014

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Global issues earth hazards
Mass movement case study: Afghanistan May 2014
Section of a mountain collapsed following torrential rain
Second landslide followed the first
North and east Afghanistan hit by heavy rain the days before the landslide
Hit on a Friday morning which is a day of rest in Afghanistan so many
people were at home
Continuing rain his caused fears of more landslides
Occurred in Badakhshan which is a remote and mountainous area of the
country and also one of the poorest regions of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is
also one of the poorest countries in the world
2000 people missing
At least 350 dead
300 homes buried under 10ft of mud
4000 people displaced
1000 houses were effected
The second landslide killed the rescuers who were trying to help those
caught up in the first landslide
Local police handed out bread and water to survivors
Local people rushed to help with rescuing people from the first landslide


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