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Marxist View on Families
Marxists see capitalists society as a conflict between the bourgeoisie (those who own the
means of production) and the proletariats (those whose labour the capitalist exploit for
1) Nuclear family is a ruling class used to teach members to submit to a ruling class
authority through unequal powers (hierarchy)
2) Althusser: Family is an ISA used to teach members how to think and behave
3) Eli Zaretsky: Families play a part in the ideological function by offering an apparent
`haven' from the harsh and exploitative capitalist world, just an illusion
4) Families teach how male control is essential to family, while women are "a mere
instrument for the production of children"
o Engels: The monogamous nuclear family represent the world historical defeat
of the female sex throughout the patriarchal society
o Dated idea, different variety of family structures, rise of feminism, not all
women marry
5) Family is ideal mechanism for passing down wealth through generational heirs
o Establishes paternity to ensure legitimate heirs


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