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Assess the extent to which Marxist and Feminist theories help our knowledge
and understanding of religion in society today (33 marks)

To Marx, religion is an illusion which eases the pain produced by exploitation and
oppression. It is a serious of myths that justify and legitimate the subordination of

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of multiple lifestyle options, flexibility and choice, the constant questioning of
knowledge, belief in the freedom and autonomy of the individual.

In Marx's words, `religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the sentiment of a
heartless world and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the…

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organisations, some of which now number millions of followers around the world.
For example in the 19th century America, Ellen white founded the stillflourishing
Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Additionally Marxists have been critised as many have rejected that their view is the
primary role of religion. NeoMarxist's avoid this criticism…

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many houses in today as the male is believed to be the `breadwinner' of the family
who goes out to work, whilst the women stay home and endure the domestic
Saadawki's ideas are similar to that of Marx's as he saw religion as a social
construction, by this he…

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often appeared `normal' to non believers, furthermore, that which is believed to be
sacred evokes a strong attachment in between.
Durkheim's study on Aborigines supported his theory as it concluded that during
times of uncertainty, religious beliefs and practises came into play, whilst
During certainty religious beliefs declined. Periodically the…

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Similarly Feminist Helen Watson's ideas imply that religious duties are becoming
more of a revolutionary force rather than an obligation.
She argues that religion oppresses women into living life in a particular way, whether
they agree to or not. She uses the Veil that is worn by the majority of…

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This ties with Maduro's idea, as even though the veil is a minor act of a revolutionary
force it shows that not all women wear the veil as an obligation.
However Parsons would argue against Watsons and Maduro's ideas as he believed
that religion provided and legitimated core values of…


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