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Marxist views on
Education…read more

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General Marxist views
Reject the thought that education benefits all
Different groups have different interests and so
some will benefit more than others
The education system is used to transmit norms
and values in order to create social stability
This stability is based upon the internalisation of
dominant ideologies that benefit the ruling elite…read more

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Continued ...
The education systems serves to help capitalists
by ensuring that pupils' personality, attitudes and
values are shaped so they are useful for
capitalism and to make money.
Schools act as an agency of social control by
using the hidden curriculum.
Those who conform are rewarded and those
who don't are punished.…read more

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Bowles & Gintis:
Believe the major function of the education
system is to reproduce labour power.
See a close correspondence between social
relations that govern personal interaction in the
work place and the social relationships in
Role of education = to produce an obedient
workforce that will accept inequality as
inevitable.…read more

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B&G: The hidden curriculum shapes
Helps to produce a subservient workforce.
1. More pupils are rewarded in relation to personality than
academic abilities
2. Low grades tended to be related to creativity, aggressiveness
and independence ­ typically working class traits
3. Higher grades tended to be related to persistence, steadiness,
punctuality and dependability ­ typically middle class traits
4. They found the system to be producing passive, unimaginative,
unquestioning workers
Encourages the acceptance of hierarchy.
1. Seen teachers as giving orders and pupils obeying
2. Students had little control over the education process
3. These prepared them for work as similar patterns can be found in
the workplace…read more

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Motivation by external reward.
1. The idea of good qualifications that promise high income as a future
reward motivates pupils to study hard
Fragmentation of knowledge.
1. Single subjects taught in school corresponds to the specialisation
within the workplace
The benefits of the education system to capitalism.
1. The system produces passive and obedient workers
2. The formal parts of the curriculum meet the needs of capitalists…read more

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