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Marxist Theory

3 main outlooks believed by Marx (1842)

1) Religion oppresses

"Religion is only the illusionary sun which revolves round man so long as he does not revolve round
himself". Marx believes that you should look after yourself instead of praying to something that you
can't see. He wants…

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Lenin= capitalists are taught by religion to practice charity while on earth. They often gave
houses to factory employees (they were very low quality). It is believed that doing this they
get `tickets' to heaven. This is actually oppression in all aspects of their lives... they shouldn't
be fooled by…

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Marxists do agree that religion has lost contact with common people
In the USA, there is a lot of emphasis on the new Christian right agenda which is very
strict. The bourgeoisie led the church- ideological control.
The Catholic Church is too conservative and traditional. The Pope has too much…


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