Marxist view of the family

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Marxist view of the family
Marxists see society as Capitalist and based on conflict between the 2 classes:
Ruling class- own means of production
Working class-labour exploited for profit
Maintains and legitimises the base
S Shapes the structure
They see all institutions as helping to keep inequality and capitalism. The functions of the family are
therefore used to benefit the capitalists.
Inheritance of property
The means of production determines the shape of all institutions including the family. The
capitalist class owns and controls the means of production in modern society. The earliest
form of society was known as primitive communism because there was no private
property ass all of the means of production were owned communally.
Engels said that there was no monogamous nuclear family; instead we lived in
promiscuous hordes in which no one cared who they had sexual relations with.
As the means of production developed the wealth within society did too and this is when
private property came along. This change brought along the monogamous nuclear family

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This nuclear family brought a
woman's sexuality under the control of men and turned women into a reproduction
According to Marx when capitalism and private property is overthrown women will achieve
liberation from male dominance. A classless society would be achieved meaning the means
of production will be own communally again so the patriarchal nuclear family won't be
needed anymore.…read more

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