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Marxist theories of religion
Shoaib iqbal
Alisa ajaib
Zahira bibi…read more

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Religion as ideology
In Marx's view religion operates as an
Ideology is a belief ideological
system that distorts weap used by the ruling class to legitimate the
peoples perception suffering of the poor as something inevitable.
of reality in was that
serve the interests
Religion misleads the poor into
of the ruling class. believing
that their suffering is virtuous and that
Marx argues that the class that will be favoured in the afterlife.
controls economic production
also controls the production
For example according to Christianity it
distribution of ideas in society
through institutions such as easier for a camel to pass through the
the eye
church, the education system of a needle than it is for rich man to
and the media. enter
kingdom of heaven.…read more

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In lenins view the ruling class use
religion cynically to manipulate the
masses and keep them from
to overthrow the ruling class by
creating a mysterical fag" that
obscures reality.
Religion also legitimates the
and privilege of the dominant
class by making their position
appear to be directly ordained.…read more

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Religion and alienation
Marx also sees religion as the product of alienation
Alienation involves becoming separated from or losing control over
something that one has produced or created.
Alienation is extreme under capitalism
Religion dulls the pain of exploitation but it just treats the pain rather than
treating its cause so religion mashes the underlying problem of exploitation
that creates the need for it.
Marx sees religion as the product of alienation
Religion also acts as an ideology that legitimates both the suffering of the
poor and the privileges of the ruling class.…read more

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Ignores positive functions of religion such
as psychological adjustment to
Althusser rejects the concept of alienation
as unscientific and based on a romantic
idea that humans have a "the self"
Religion does not necessarily function
effectively as an ideology to control the
population…read more


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