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Marxist feminism

Marxist feminists dismiss the liberal feminist view that women's subordination is merely the product of
stereotyping or outdated attitudes. They also reject the radical feminist view that it is the result of patriarchal
oppression by men. Instead, as Marxists , they see women's subordination as rooted in capitalism.…

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example, Juliet Mitchell (1975) uses Freud's psychoanalytic theory to argue ideas about femininity are so
deeply implanted in women's unconscious minds that they are very difficult to dislodge. The implication is that
even after the overthrow of capitalism, it would still be had to overcome patriarchal ideology because it is…

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Walby's approach is useful because it shows how the two systems interact and structure one another, without
assuming that their interests always coincide. However, Anna Pollert (1996) argues that patriarchy is not
actually a system in the same sense as capitalism, which is driven by its own internal dynamic profit…


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