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Traditional/Orthodox Marxism
4 key ideas:
(a) The value system underpinning
capitalism causes crime ­ Gordon
(b) The law is an ideology used to protect
ruling class interests ­ Althusser &
(c) The political economy of crime ­
(d) White collar, corporate and state
crime…read more

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Idea 1: David Gordon
· Capitalism characterised by inequalities in
wealth & income -7% =84%
· celebrity culture over-valued
· Fat cats
· Poverty
· Unemployment
· Homelessness…read more

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David Gordon 2
· Capitalism strongly encourages
selfishness and greed by socialisation into
capitalist values such as individualism,
competition, acquisition, materialism etc
· Capitalism denies people power & status
at work ­people may compensate via
violence…read more

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Marxism Idea 2: Law as Ideology
· Althusser ­law is a ideological state apparatus aimed at
protecting interests of capitalist class.
· Law specifically protects property, wealth & profit
· Laws aimed at protecting working-class and powerless
are weak, e.g. health and safety
· Capitalist class can kill, injure and steal but their
activities not defined as criminal or illegal because they
make the laws ­ Box
· One law for the poor and one law for the rich­ contrast
treatment of benefit fraud with tax fraud…read more

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Marxist Idea 3: The political
economy of crime -Hadfield
· Alcohol industry very powerful capitalist
· To enhance profits, constructed drinking circuits
in many city centres
· Advertising aimed at young
· Effects? Binge-drinking, increased violence, rape
· Does not contribute to policing costs
· No political will ­ taxes, alcohol industry powerful
lobby…read more

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