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Marxist Perspectives

Named after Karl Marx (1818-1883).
Two main classes in society- the ruling class and the subject class.
Capitalists, those who own private industry form the ruling class.
Workers, those who sell their labour in return for wages form the subject class.
According to Marx, the ruling class…

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The class system tends to reproduce itself from generation to generation. This process is
legitimated by education.

Role Allocation

Bowles and Gintis reject the functionalist view of role allocation.
Those who get the highest qualifications and the top jobs do so because of their social
background and because they work…

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He claims that education is becoming increasingly privatised as more and more aspects of
education e.g. school dinners, are being subcontracted to private industry.
Rikowski sees this as the beginning of business takeover of schools.
He argues that education will become like any other private company and its main concern…


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