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Name of sociologist: Karl Marx
Main Ideas: religion is an illusion which eases the pain produced by
exploitation and oppression. Religion is a serious of myths that justifies and
legitimates the subordination of the subject class and the domination and
privileges of the ruling class. Religion helps maintain the capitalist…

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movements were doomed to failure ­ they would not lead to political revolution
(because there's too much conformity within a religion).

Key terms:
False class conscience: Acceptance of position without awareness

(-) religion can sometimes encourage social change, e.g. Roman Catholicism in
the Eastern Europe in the 1970s and…

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Religion can liberate, however its ability to fully revolutionise is questionable,
only certain aspects e.g. politics remain more powerful e.g. French and Bourg
revolution still withheld part of their prier to limit the extent and liberation


Madiuro & Engles agree on society, Accepting fate for reward…


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