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Material Deprivation
The term material deprivation refers to poverty and a lack of material necessities such as
adequate housing and income.

Material Deprivation:
A term referring to lack of income and/or poverty which may result in disadvantage
to children educationally because their parents cannot afford educational assets
which the better-off…

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Cultural Deprivation Vs Material Deprivation

Cycle of Deprivation
1) You live in poverty
2) A baby is born
3) The baby fails in school
4) Their life chance is low
5) So they live in poverty

Re-cap on Cultural Deprivation
It is a pathological theory e.g. it seeks to blame…

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3. By frowning attention on the shortcomings of the pupil's the school system and
teachers from any blame.
4. Other writers have noted cultural differences between working class families and
schools by have drawn different conclusions.
5. Rather than viewing working class families as deficient in culture, they have seen…





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