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Marxism is seen as a conflict theory which was founded by Karl Marx.
Conflict theory
Does not share the functionalist view that society is built on harmony and consensus
Marx believed that society was divided into 2 major parts:
Infrastructure (Economic Base)
Superstructure (Rest of society Politics, legality, education, beliefs & ideas)
Marx's believe that the Infrastructure largely shapes the rest of society and that human
societies have 2 main social classing's:
Ruling Class
Subject Class
Ruling Class:
The power of the Ruling Class comes from the ownership of the `means of production'
(land, raw materials, machinery, tools & buildings)
The Ruling Class is formed from capitalists in the Western industrial society
Subject Class:
The Subject Class is made up of workers who sell their labour in return for wages
Marx believed that society is inherently unstable because of the contradiction between the
collective nature of production and the individual nature of ownership
Marxist sociologists argue that institutions such as education and the media function to
maintain capitalism which Marx predicted would be overthrown by a united proletariat.


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