Marxism & Functionalism Sociology Key words AQA A2

Key words for Marxism and Functionalism

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Anomie ­ a state of confusion and normlessness
Christian right ­ fundamentalist and right wing Christian groups, particularly
powerful in the southern states of USA
Civil religion ­ events or activities that involve ritualistic patterns and generate
the collective sentiments usually associated with established religions
Communism ­ political philosophy by Karl Marx, advocating common ownership
of land and business
Conservative ­ supporting things staying as they are
Feudal period ­ medieval period when wealth in society was based on the
ownership of land
Fundamentalist religions ­ belief systems that argue need to subscribe or
return to traditional values and practices, involving the literal translation of, and
belief in religious text
Ideological apparatus ­ agencies (eg: relig, ed) transmitting R/C ideology to
persuade W/C inequality is natural and normal, ensuring their consent to it
Landed classes ­ wealthy landowning aristocracy

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Nationalism ­ patriotic towards a nation, belief your nation is superior to others
Profane ­ unreligious, ordinary aspects of life
Totemism ­ primitive religion involving the worship of certain objects seen to
have a widespread influence over tribal life…read more


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