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Theory and Methods ­ Topic 2…read more

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Karl Marx
criticised Capitalism and proposed a revolution suggesting that there
should be:
No private property
No state
Equality for all
After Karl Marx countries such as Russia and China interpreted it in their
own way and became communist
According to Karl : Communism wouldn't work unless the whole world was
involved.…read more

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Karl Marx's perspective on
capitalist, socialist and communist
Socialist society
Capitalist Society
· all goods freely · Based on self · State distributes
Communist Society
distributed interest the wealth, goods
and equality
· commune (shared · Pay workers a little
resources) for a lot of work · without the state
(exploit them for we result in either
· moving towards a maximum profit) communism or
perfect society anarchism (where
· Eventually there is no order at
problems occur all)
· "Communist
countries claim to because you
be moving to that cannot maintain · Marx wanted
system, but are the balance socialism to be the
not actually there transition from
yet" - Karl Marx capitalism to
communism…read more

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Marxism is a merge of communism and socialism.
So if you're a Marxist you can believe in either or
both. You don't have to believe in communism to
believe in Marxism.
Hegel ­ Hegel was Marx's influence. He believed
that history was moving forward and that if there
wasn't a communist or socialist society in the
future eventually workers will become alienated
and the capitalist system would collapse.…read more

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Marxists and functionalists
Agree on: Disagree on:
Marxists and functionalists both Marxists reject the functionalist view
agree that society is a structure that the social structure runs
harmoniously and is based on
or system that shapes consensus. Instead they believe that
individuals behaviours and the social structure is based on a
ideas conflict of interests between the social
Marxists also reject that society is
stable. Unlike functionalists they
believe that revolution is possible
because stability is only due to the
dominant class imposing their force
on society…read more

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Historical Materialism
Materialism is the view that humans are beings with material needs so they
have to work to meet these needs. By doing this, they use the forces/means of
In the start for humans the forces of production/means of production was just
human labour but then it adapted to have tools and machines to assist
Humans also cooperate to meet their needs entering into social relations of
production (ways of organising production)
Over time two classes developed ­
A class that owns the means of production
The class of labourers
Karl Marx referred to the forces and relations of production together as the
mode of production -> for example now we have a capitalist mode of
production…read more

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