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Theory and Methods: Marxism
Introduction: the owners of the economic structure control society ­ they create values and
relationships based on their own interests ­ less powerful groups generally accept those
values & relationships even though they may not be in their interests ­ MARX began by
suggesting history can…

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This will usher in a final epoch of comm

CRITICISMS of MARX: MARXs theory id very heavily criticised ­ political & sociological ­ the
crisis hasn't occured, cap has grown stronger ­ tiny minority of rich & huge poor not
occurred, inequality but m/c ­ cap has changed since MARXs…

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Both ultimately work for the benefit of cap but perform their task with huge
Overall ALTHUSSERs work noted the more complex view of society & moved
Marxism forward

HARVEY ­ late modernist approach to Marxism

1990 moves Marxism forward into postmodern framework
Feels move results from economic changes in…


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