Martin Luther King - Black Civil Rights

A table I made focusing on the life of Martin Luther King and his achievments. Divided into four columns; Childhood, youth & education, Minister in Montgomery, Publicity and Protest and Disillusionment.

Hope this helps, good luck with your exams.

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Martin Luther King

Childhood, youth Minister in Protest and publicity. Disillusionment.
and education. Montgomery.
1929 ­ Born in Atlanta, Initially, King rejected a As few blacks were Increasingly pessimistic,
Georgia. Born into a church career, believing registered to vote in the King concluded he had
well-educated and the church concentrated…

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stabbed him. It took non-violent-disruption
surgeons hours to of Washington DC to
remove the blade, `create the crisis that
which was millimetres will force the nation to
from his aorta. Had King look at the situation'. He
sneezed while awaiting called that `massive civil
the blade's removal, he disobedience'.


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