Martin Luther King - An Overview

Martin Luther King - An Overview 

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Martin Luther King
Racism in America in 1950's
In the 1950's America was split between White and Black people, everything was split into 2
but white people had privileges like cleaner toilettes. People had separated water fountains
and bus seats. White people had the better kept items while they trashed the black people
stuff and left them to live with it.
King's Religious beliefs about non-violent protests
Martin thought you don't need violence to solve your problems and that you can do it with
Montgomery Bus Boycott
This was all started when Rosa parks didn't give up her seat for a
white person and the police were called and she was arrested. The
bus boycott was when Black people didn't go on the buses and
instead car shared. At first the bus companies were okay with this as
they were not losing any money but soon the bus companies were
losing money and this made the government change the rules to all
white and black people to sit where they want to on the bus.
Martin Luther King led many speeches and marches and got many of his
points across but on the 4th April 1968 James Earl Ray Assassinated Martin
Luther King on this balcony. James was known to not like Martin Luther king
and what he supported.
What Martin Luther King did has changed the world because white and black
people now mix with each other and yes you do still get the racist people but
that can't be stopped. With Obama being the first Black President of the US
people now may think differently again towards black people and this may
lead to more black leaders in the US and UK.


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