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Changing Family Patterns
Marriage and Cohabitation

You can use this hand out in the following essay exam questions:

When looking at the changing family patterns

(It can also be used when discussing the family diversity)


The Facts:
· Fewer people are marrying (marriage rates are at their lowest since…

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· For example, remarriages (i.e. in which one or both
partners have been divorced) now make up over
onethird of marriages.
· These people are obviously committed to the institution
of marriage despite their previous negative experience
of it.

People are delaying marriage rather than rejecting it
­ Most people…

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75% of cohabiting couples say they expect to marry each other one
Cohabiting is a trial marriage
Couples could be waiting for a divorce to come through.
· Cohabitation is a alternative to marriage
­ Young people see cohabitation as a conscious attempt to create a
more personally…


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