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The process whereby a firm tries to identify,
anticipate and satisfy customers' needs and
wants and at the same time meet its own
objectives…read more

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Hierarchy of marketing objectives
Grow revenues by 15% p.a. in each of the next
five years
Increase UK market share to 17%
Grow average customer spend by 5%
Refocus product range on high margin items
Introduce CRM systems into industrial division
Improve agreements with key suppliers
Conduct search engine advertising campaign…read more

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Effective Marketing
Effective marketing requires a good
understanding of customer requirements
This usually achieved through market research
or maybe the experience and intuition of the
Marketing is part of a process:
· Segmentation
· Targeting
· Positioning…read more

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Effective marketing
Marketing involves a relationship between
buyer and seller
Much better to keep customers than generate
new ones
The company has to meet its objectives ­ there
will be a trade off between what the customer
wants and what the organisation can offer with
the resources it has.…read more

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Marketing objectives
Sales targets... Boost sales by 15% this year
Market share... To achieve 10% of market in next
3 years
Brand awareness... May need improving, first
part of developing market share.
To gain competitive advantage
Launch new products identified by MR…read more

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Targets must be
SMART…read more

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