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Marketing mix of Eeyore teddy
By Gabby Tracey…read more

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· The price of this Eeyore could be around £15.
· This price would vary according to size.
· The price would have to cover the costs of
having to make the product, and still have
money left over.
· The price would also be different for other
types of Eeyore's, e.g. a Halloween Eeyore
dressed in a pumpkin, and also if it is limited
edition.…read more

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· The product is a blue donkey named Eeyore,
who normally has a detachable tail.
· He doesn't normally come in packaging, only a
label which you can see on his ear
· Product is mainly aimed at children, but it also
appeals to the older generation.
· He is a soft cuddly toy/teddy…read more

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· The Eeyore teddy is usually sold at Disney
stores, as Eeyore is Disney.
· The Disney chain is quite large so people are
able to access it easy enough, and wont have
to travel to far.
· The Disney stores are usually located in big
shopping centres and so attract more people.…read more

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Ways Eeyore could be promoted:
Bill boards
Word of mouth
In store advertising
The internet
Ads on the internet e.g. on the side of google…read more

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That is a basic marketing mix about Eeyore, all
of the things you need to include are on this
PowerPoint, and if you want more practice try
doing a marketing mix on:
· McDonalds
· Coca cola
· Subway
· Dressing gown
· A text book…read more


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