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Marketing, Distribution
and Retail

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Electronic Point of Sale
Internet Marketing and Sales…read more

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Electronic Point of Sale
Information lies at the centre of any business and it ensures the business stays one step ahead
of it competitors.
By using electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems, a business is able to supply and deliver its
products and services faster by reducing the time between the placing of an order and the
delivery of a product.
They provide manufacturers with:
A full and immediate account of the financial transactions involving companies products
Data that can be input into spreadsheets for sales/profit margin analysis
The means to monitor the performance of all product lines which is goof for mass production where
companies react quickly to demands
Accurate information for identifying trends when making decisions
A full and responsive stock control system by providing real ­ time stock updates
A system that ensures sufficient stock is available to meet customer needs without over stocking,
which ties up capital…read more

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Electronic Point of Sale Continued
Each product is identified using its unique barcode. The barcode scanner
reads it by a laser beam and the reflection back onto a photoelectric cell.
On the barcode, the price is not stored. Instead, the scanner transmits the
product code number to an in ­ store computer that relays the product
description and price. It can then be printed on a till receipt.
The in ­ store computer then deducts the item purchased from the stock
list so it can be re ­ ordered when stock is low.
Data matrices are visual codes that can be read and decoded by modern
vision systems ­ it is useful for tracking items.…read more

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Electronic Point of Sale Continued
Product Products arrive at
Product delivered
Start manufactured at a delivery depot for
to store
factory distribution
Product description Barcode Customer selects
Toll receipt printed
and price displayed information relayed products from the
at the check out to store computer shelf
Store computer
Product re ­ Order received by
deducts product
ordered when product Finish
purchased from
necessary manufacturer
the stock list…read more

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Electronic Point of Sale Continued
Advantages: Disadvantages:
· Communication between all the systems within · Computer crashes ­ loss of data; slows down
the business and this allows the reduction of error transactions so therefore there can be a loss
chances, especially through an order process of revenue. It may then take a while for the
· Continually updating databases, spreadsheets, systems to be back up and running again
MIS, stock levels etc.
· Cost ­ the installation can be expensive
· Business tracking and organising ­ EPOS can be
set up to track all the business' financial
(between £1,000 and £5,000 per EPOS)
transactions, all organised with the computer · Maintenance cost and problems
system allowing the business to run smoothly and
· Allows the company to comply with regulations
composed by the government agencies due to the
software used and updated
· Faster check outs, generating more sales per hour
· Easier to tax plan and keep records…read more

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