Market failure and Inflation

Hey every1 , this  is a presentation which explains what  a market failure is  as well as Inflation along with clear examples and pictures to help you understand the concepts easily :) It's really helpful if you are getting ready for you Economics IGCSE especially .

please do leave comments if there are any sorts of suggestions or doubts and i will get back to you ;)

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Market failure occurs when the equilibrium
price and output levels in a market are
socially undesirable or are inefficient
Consequently resources are not allocated to
their best of optimum use…read more

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For an example:
A juice supplier produced too much of the product and therefore has
exceeded the level of demand . Not all the product are being bought
by the consumer.
In this example the producer was not able to use the scare resources
efficiently resulting in, input wastage .…read more

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Inflation is a rise in
the general prices of
goods and services of
an economy
sustained over time…read more

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1.Demand-pull inflation:
This is a situation in which basically too much money is
chasing too few good, leading to an increase in the price
2.Cost-push inflation:
In such a circumstance the raw materials become
expensive , the suppliers will therefore pass on the cost
to the consumers which means to say goods and service
will be more expensive.…read more

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Its great and useful but there were spelling mistakes which made it slightly confusing, but that's normal so well done!

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