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Lack of affordable housing, Kingsbridge, south Devon

The lack of affordable housing for people who live and work in rural communities has been a serious
problem for many years. Residents of Kingsbridge in south Devon value the fact that they live in an
area of outstanding natural beauty, and appreciate…

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The majority of pupils in some areas of the country ­ particularly in deprived former mill towns in the
north of England ­ have little contact with students from different ethnic backgrounds, even though
they live in close proximity. There are towns where social, ethnic and religious divisions are aligned,…

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Figure 26.1

Social Polarisation

In any town or city, the standard of living and quality of life vary between different areas. Social
polarisation describes the way in which people are segregated into different social groups: the
`haves' and `have-nots'. It occurs because of differences in income which affect which affects…


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