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1. Stallworthy

`Six Young Men', Ted Hughes, 1970s
Mainly creates a microcosm of a world war 1 experience from the point of view of a soldier.
In the form of a list, describes how four of these men were killed, the most memorable of which
(personally) is "This one, the…

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3. Prose

`The Manchester Guardian' essay, D. H. Lawrence, 18 August 1914
Shows Lawrence's remarkable insight, almost before the war had even begun, into the nature of
modern warfare.
"There was neither ferocity, nor joy.. only a mechanical expressionless machine"
"All that remained of us a cold, metallic adherence to…

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for the young boy, also either suggests there is some human quality still within the boy, because
of his youth or because he escaped the war, OR the heartbeat can be seen in the "young
soldiers" as they are still human and alive (haven't seen the war) whereas the veteran…


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