mangement of hurricanes

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Global issues climatic hazards
Management of hurricanes
Short term
Forecast/detect/monitor- authorities
Satellites can predict path but not onset of a hurricane
Buoys detect wave height and measure surface temperatures
Aircraft can fly into hurricanes to monitor wind speeds
Weather balloons measure humidity and pressure.
Warnings and evacuation-authorities
Hurricane watch (hurricane conditions possible within 36 hours).
Hurricane warning (hurricane conditions expected in the next 24
Reduce the impact- communities
Sandbags to prevent flooding
Board up windows and doors
Make valuables safe
Long term
Improve resilience
Reconstruct- rebuild away from the coast and rebuilds resilient
buildings and hurricane shelters.
Improve forecasting- invest in forecasting, expertise and technology,
clear evacuation plans and procedures.
Soft engineering- better protection of wetlands which are a natural
buffer zone and consider the impact of river management,
Hard engineering- build higher levees
Managed retreat- move settlements away from the coast


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