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Manchuria…read more

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Where is Manchuria?
Manchuria is in the South-eastern area of Asia,
near to China and Korea.…read more

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What countries were involved in the
The countries that were involved in the
Manchuria Dispute were Japan and China.…read more

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1932 --> Japan invaded Manchuria after they
said that Chinese soldiers had sabotaged the
Manchuria Line in Korea.
1933 --> the League sent ambassadors to make
a report of the situation. They decided that the
Japanese troops should withdraw. Japan left the
League of Nations when the report was voted in
42 votes to 1.…read more

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What was the relationship between
China and Japan?
· Before the incident in Manchuria, Japan and
China were fine with each other, as they
traded to each other and relied on each other
a lot.
· China was growing stronger, and Japan feared
that because of this they would be excluded
from Manchuria…read more

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