Managing natural resources-Common Fisheries Policy CFP

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Population and resources
Managing natural resources
Management depends on:
Type of resource
Location of issue
Scale of issue (local/national/global)
Who manages resources?
Government (national or local)
International organisations- European Union
The consumers
Resource issues
Depletion-slow down
Pollution- limit through extraction
Distribution- change how they are distributed
How do government, private enterprises and individuals change supply and demand?
Substitution: search for a new abundant resource that does the same thing such as
using geothermal instead of coal to generate electricity. Technological advancements
and market control automatically try to look for alternatives.
Maximisation: use of the same resource but adapt technology to reduce waste of
resource such as fuel efficient cars, energy saving lights, pesticides on crops to
ensure less of the crop is wasted to increase yield.
Recycling: reprocessing of resources into different ones such as recycling old paper
to make more paper that is usable.
Rationing: government imposing limits to control the use of a resource such as the
taxation of fuel in cars to encourage the user to use less
European Union policies-Common fisheries policy (CFP)
CFP aimed to make fisheries in Europe more sustainable allowing for a more constant and
reliable supply of fish in the future.
This was mainly focussed around controlling the amount of fish that could be caught which
is called the total allowable catch or TAC. This is the maximum quantity of fish that can be
caught each year and this is limited by minimising mesh sizes, closure of certain areas to
protect fish stocks, banning some types of fishing, recording catches and landings in log
books. The limit is based on the biological limits of that species of fish, which has been
predicted by scientists.

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Population and resources
Evidence to suggest CFP isn't working
Fishing operators view the total allowable catches as too severe.
Scientists say the TAC's are still too high to be sustainable
The introduction of TAC's has meant that a lot of fish caught still has to be thrown
back, which leads to a waste of the resource.…read more


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