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Change management

Change management is the belief that change can be managed and planned.

Changes occurs to organisations for many reasons but one thing that is certain
is that change in organisation is inevitable.

Carnall (2005) states "change creates stress and strain for both those who
support change and those…

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For any type of change management to be successful the organisation needs
to be aware of the following: an awareness for the need of change, the case
for change is made convincingly and credible and for the organisation to be
aware that change is a learning process and therefore some…

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The behavioural approach can also be a way to reduce the resistance to
change. "The behavioural approach will focus on changing the behaviour of
staff and managers (Green,2009).

Green,2009 s

When change management is not effective

When change management is not successful the organisation not only loses
predicted profits but…


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