Management of Change

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Describe, using examples, two things that management could do to lessen any
worries that the staff might have about the introduc on of the new system. (4)
(June 2011)
Appropriate training/retraining ­ to ensure all staff understand the new system
and wondering that to do.
Explana on of the advantages ­ so that staff can see how they will benefit by
making the job easier/ more interes ng / answer any queries
Following a company takeover, the introduc on of new ICT systems
has a big impact upon the workforce and working pa erns. These
changes have to be carefully managed. Describe in detail four
different consequences of change caused by the introduc on of new
ICT systems. (4) (Jan 2012)
New skills required and old ones not required:
Network Managers (Required)
Typists ­ Many people now word process their own documents (Not
Organisa onal structures change:
Staff working groups may be split up affec ng friendships
Departments get restructured which means previously senior
personnel get demoted whilst younger staff get promo ons.
The workforce (fears introduced by change):
Fears of redundancy: Less staff are o en needed to do the same
amount of work once computers are introduced
Fear of looking ridiculous: Older members may feel their lack of ICT
skill and knowledge may make them look incompetent.
Describe three of the changes which are likely to be a cause of stress to the staff and Fear of Health risks from working with computers, back problems etc.
the worries each might bring. (6) (June 2011)
Job losses or fear of job losses (1) new system may replace staff who performed
manual processes e.g. filing, etc (1)
Having to learn new skills (1) older staff may be stressed by appearing to look stupid
in front of younger staff who have the skill (1)
Health fears (1) Concerned about the health risks of prolonged use of ICT equipment


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