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Mametz Wood
By Owen Sheers…read more

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· The poem describes the uncovering of the remains of bodies from
the Battle of the Somme…read more

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· Uniform stanza lengths- all 3 lines long
· The line lengths vary
· Full stops at end of stanzas 1,3,4,6,7 which gives a pattern of 1,2,1,2…read more

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Form Explanation:
· The varying line lengths shows the poem as uneven and so breaks
up the neatness of the uniformity. Alternatively, it may resemble the
turning over of earth by the plough and the disruption of the soldiers
lives in WW1
· The single stanzas may represent the earth
· The stanza pairs may represent the soldiers…read more

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· Plain and simple
· `For years'
· `Now'
· `This morning'
· ^Evoking a sense of time…read more

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Language Explanation:
· The plain and unambiguous language may show that the unearthing
of the bodies from the battlefields has become normal
· The sense of time shows that even after decades, bodies are still
being found. It shows that there are still literal reminders to WW1
and Mametz Wood, it is a lasting memorial to the dead soldiers…read more

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