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Male Speech Characteristics. Female Speech Characteristics.
Aggressive; Aim to establish a rapport;
Purposeful; Positive or cooperating
`Dominance' aspects; overlap;
Aggressive overlaps and competition Hedges;
for the floor; More back-channelling than
Disregard women & men lower down men;
in hierarchy; Less tolerance for breaches
Caste structure apparent; of conversational
Obscenities; conventions;…

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Use female pronouns in relation to Lean forward;
possessions i.e. cars; Turn heads toward eachother,
Compare women to food, "honey", and engage in eye contact;
"sweetie", suggesting the underlying Apologise for taking the floor;
belief that women are there solely Prefer interpersonal style
for the man's pleasure. involving 1 on…




it doesn't say who says each comment!

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