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"Malaria is preventable and curable for most, but not all". To what extent do you agree with
this statement?
This report attempts to examine the differences between different methods of prevention and treatment in malarial
countries, including rate of success, time, cost and other socio-economic factors.

What is Malaria?

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History of Malaria

The first recorded treatment dates back to 1600, when the bitter bark of the Cinchona tree in Peru was used by the native
Peruvian Indians. By 1649, the bark was available in England, as "Jesuits powder," so that those suffering from "agues" might
benefit from the chemical…

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Lifestyle choices have to be changed; domestic activities of the people have to be adapted to avoid being infected.
For example drying of farm produce, cooking and washing are normally done outside the rooms.
Higher birth rates in families because parents have to accept that there are high infant mortality…


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