Malaria case Study: Bangladesh


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Bangladesh ­ Malaria
Flulike illness 830 days after infection.
Destructions of red blood cells can lead to anaemia.
Death may be due to infected RBC blocking blood vessels supplying the
brain, or damage to other vital organs.
In areas where the disease is highly endemic, people are infected so
frequently that they develop a degree of acquired immunity and may
become asymptomatic carriers of infection.
Epidemics are often associated with nonimmune people moving to
highlyendemic areas, where they quickly succumb to infection.
Total population :142.6 million
Population in malarious areas: 106.5 million
Number of death due to malaria :506 (Reported)
Number of Lab confirmed malaria cases : 48,389
Number of probable malaria cases: 313,474
Number of severe malaria cases: 3,548

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India where malaria is highly endemic. Malaria has been a major public
health problem in Bangladesh. Approximately 10.8 million are at high risk where
as 9.6 million people are at moderate risk and 86.6 million people at low risk of
malaria. Majority of malaria cases are reported from 13 out of the total 64
districts in the country.…read more


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