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Case Studies
Employment structure in an MEDC e.g. UK
agriculture: 1.2%
industry: 23.8%
services: 75%

Environmental impacts of deindustrialisation in MEDCs e.g. London Docklands
Deindustrialisation in the 1970s
Positives Negatives
Less air pollution Fewer jobs in the secondary industry
More land available More unemployment so less disposable…

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Visual pollution: skyscrapers, slum housing

Primary Extracting or gathering raw materials from the land or sea. Farmer
Secondary Manufacturing raw materials to make a product Factory worker
Tertiary Providing a service Teacher
Quaternary Providing information and expert help I.T. technician

Informal Employment: Child Labour. Street Sellers. Self-employed. Cash in Hand.…

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Renewable energy
Recycling waste
Reducing packaging


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