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Make Poverty History…read more

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· Change Trade Justice ­ Trade justice focuses on trade in the whole of the world
however Make Poverty history believe that it is highly bias towards wealthy
countries therefore they want this changing.
· Drop debt of third world countries- as it will give them a fresh start and a chance
to make the much needed changes in health and education to boost and start their
· More and Better Aid- change how the system works of countries aiding others and
instead of constantly wanting receipt of where the money has been spent,
concentrate more on the health and education of the areas.
· Extra Finance- created through taxation in wealthier countries.
· Poverty and Aids- More funding to allow more young children to be immunised
against aids and save their life's.
· Conditionality- Want money from wealthy countries to be les conditional. They
agree that conditions are needed to ensure that the money is spent wisely, yet
they believe some conditions like privatisation of the water system and free trade.
· Corruption- Less corruption in governments in both rich and poor countries to
ensure all money helping poverty is spent wisely and on good causes.…read more

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Forms of Action
· Movements that can be joined e.g. Trade Justice
· Campaigns such as the Jubilee Debt campaign.
· Sales of `support bands' to publicise and make
money for the cause.
· Local campaigning groups.
· Films to educate people on their cause.
· Make poverty History manifesto.
· G8 Summit
· Live aid.…read more

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· G8 has been a major success for make poverty history as it informs people
all over the world. It also applies pressure to governments as they see how
many people are interested and what the money can do to help.
· By selling the bands it is a good way of raising money and it puts pressure
on the government as they see how people are interested and bothered.
· I believe that the manifesto however isn't very successful as not many
people know about it therefore will add little pressure to the government.
· Live aid is a success as it applies pressure to governments all over the
world as many people watch and are interested in it and it is an extremely
successful way of raising money. The suport of celeberatise can increase
success of a pressure group…read more

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Type of pressure group
· Make poverty history is an outsider pressure
groups therefore does not have an immediate
impact on the government.
· They are also known as being in the group of `New
social movements' as they gain interest through
methods of promotion such as videos, white
bands and live aid.
· However there may be a chance that they have
some influence on the government as the G8
summit discusses many of Make poverty History's
issues.…read more


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