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B1 Week 2…read more

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Control in the body
· The conditions inside your body are your
internal environment
· Your organs cannot function if your internal
environment keeps changing
· Maintaining internal balance is homeostasis
· Homeostasis involves the nervous system, the
hormonal system and some of your body's
organs…read more

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Water and Ions
· Water can move in and out of your body's cells
· How much it moves depends on the
concentration of mineral ions e.g. Salt and the
amount of water in the body
· Too much movement either way can damage your
· Take in water and minerals as you eat and drink
· Lose salt and water as you sweat and urinate
· You lose water as you breathe out…read more

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Kidneys and Urine
· Kidneys can change the amount of salt and
water in your urine
· They help to control levels of mineral ions and
water in your body
· The concentration of urine produced by your
kidneys is controlled by hormones and nerves…read more

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· Your body core temperature has to remain at
37°C where your enzymes work best
· Only a few degrees difference can stop
reactions in your cells and kill you
· If your temperature drops below 35C you can
die of hyperthermia
· If your temperature rises above 42C your
enzymes and cells stop functioning and you
can die of heatstroke or exhaustion…read more

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Controlling temperature
· Your body can control your temperature
· Your behaviour can control your temperature
· You shiver to heat up (body)
· You sweat to cool down (body)
· You put on a jumper to heat up (behaviour)
· You turn on a fan to cool down (behaviour)…read more

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